Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best Travel Camera for 2013 - Canon PowerShot SX500 IS

I'm retiring my old PowerShot camera which has served me well. It hid in my pocket or purse and was easy to bring for those restaurant shots and candid shots where my larger Canon camera would create an awareness I didn't want.

I have chosen a slightly larger camera (but not much) with an amazing 30x Optical Zoom. That is why I went for the larger size. Mind you, it still fits in my purse, but in a pocket... not so much.

But this camera is small enough and light enough to travel the world with. Yet, the zoom will allow you to get some amazing photos. And, if you want to print a larger size, not to worry. The camera is a 16 megapixel camera.

The camera has IS or image stabilization just like my bigger Canon. That means that I can be shaky and my photo will probably still turn out.

This camera is amazingly easy to use. Even the less experienced tourist-photographer will love the results.
The price is great. When I purchased my old PowerShot camera, I paid over $300. This one, with better bells and whistles, is less than $250. 

Check out Amazon for the best prices.