Monday, December 31, 2012

Santa Fe Dining: Best Pizza Places

Pizzeria da Lino
When I first came to Santa Fe it was Restaurant Week. My friends suggested Pizzeria da Lino as one of the fixed price dinner events during Restaurant Week. With their warm atmosphere and wood-fired Pizza, Pizzeria da Lino stuck in my mind as a place to return to. And, I have returned over the years for the Pizza and the Chicken Parmigiana. They have a fairly good wine list as well. So Pizzeria da Lino on Guadalupe Street is definitely in my top three.

One summer day, we wanted some outdoor dining so ventured up to Rooftop Pizza. It is just off the Plaza in the Santa Fe Arcade. Take the elevator. Rooftop Pizzeria has a casual yet upscale current decor. You'll enjoy the art work on the slate stone walls. In warm weather, dine outside on their rooftop terrace and enjoy the view of Santa Fe. You can sit along the counter that rims the terrace for a great view as the sun sets over the rooftops of downtown Santa Fe.

Last but not least, I recently discovered Backroad Pizza. They pride themselves on having a community spirit and have become a gathering place for locals to play pool, chat or have a beer on the patio. And they buy locally with a farm to table ethic. You order from the counter and they bring your order to you at your table. Backroad Pizza is off the beaten path for visitors but is worth trying. They are on 2nd Street off Cerrillos Road. They have a patio for those warm nights.

These are restaurants I have been to recently so I feel comfortable offering them as my favs. With the ever-changing culinary scene in Santa Fe, it is nice to have some restaurants that I feel comfortable returning to season after season.