Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hound Dog Traveler: Flagstaff to Tehachapi leads to a strike!

I was at a rest stop admiring the Ocotillo. I decided I didn't want to live here.
By Guest Writer: Cinnamon (Canela) Rose

Yesterday I was "the watcher" and I worked hard. I thought, since I loved the pine woods, that Flagstaff was to be our new home. I found the Flagstaff La Quinta really plush. They had windows where I could look out and see the parking lot and the arriving dogs. Then in the morning they provided a continental breakfast in a spacious lobby. At dawn we went hiking in the pine woods near the motel. I think I would like to stay in Flagstaff.

But oh no! She checked out and we were off down the highway again. I started out in my "Watcher" role and saw some cows and a huge crow. As we left the beautiful pines, I was sad. I put my head down and dozed. Soon we were pulling off to Williams, AZ. I perked up a bit. I saw a sign, Bearizona. I thought I might like to go visit the bears. There was also a deer farm in the area. But we didn't get to go there either. I won't even mention the Grand Canyon. I was getting depressed at that point.

Here I am nosing around the engine at the Grand Canyon Railway.
But then she pulled off onto old Route 66 through Williams. I had fun looking at the old buildings and sniffing around the old locomotive at the Grand Canyon Railway. After gassing up with over-priced gas, we were off again.

Soon, the beautiful mountain forests gave way to flat desert and then to sandy desert. The only saving grace there was that it had rained recently and the ocotillo were leafed out and the wildflowers lined the road. I liked those butter colored little flowers.

We drove and drove. Finally we were in California and stopped for lunch. It was hot out. I needed the a/c on and drank more water. At a Dairy Queen I sat up with my front paws at the ordering window. I thought, perhaps, I would like an ice cream cone. But a treat like that wasn't in the cards.

We headed out toward Barstow and I went on strike. I quit being the "Watcher," and just curled up on my seat. Being a "Watcher" was really boring since there was nothing but dry desert and trucks to watch. I was bored and I went on strike. I just dozed. As I dozed, I dreampt that this was my life... on the road all day, every day and no home to return to. We were homeless!

Once through Barstow we stopped for gas and I went walking in the sand. Boring!

I perked up when I saw those wind turbines on the hillsides near Tehachapi. Now that was interesting. Soon, we headed off the freeway to our home for the night... the La Quinta at Tehachapi. Now more experienced, she asked for a first floor room. Our room was smaller and more worn than the home last night in Flagstaff. I don't think I want to live in Tehachapi.

We unpacked and I had my dog food (I won't dignify it by calling it dinner) and then we went walking in the field across the road. I liked hearing the birds in the reclaimed water reservoir there. Then it was back to the room and to bed. I was tired again. When will this lifestyle end?