Monday, March 25, 2013

Hound Dog Traveler: Tehachapi to Stockton, California

Here I am in the In and Out Burger Drive Through
By Guest Writer: Cinnamon (Canela) Rose
This is now day number three on the road. It is becoming tougher and tougher to remain interested in this moving process.

Last night we stayed in a very mediocre La Quinta Inn behind a gas station and across from an interesting field. I slept well as the motel was quiet but I suspect that was because they didn't have too many paying customers.

In the morning, we went for another walk in the field across the road. And then, much to my surprise, we went looking for the community dog park. Boy, was I excited! We turned into the park and saw some ball fields but were not sure where the fenced dog park was. We gave up looking and decided to follow a trail. It was a great trail for two reasons. One, I saw a Jackrabbit hopping across the trail and into the brush. And second, the trail actually led to the dog park. We went through the gate and I was off my leash. I loved that but where were the dogs? I spent my time in the dog park alone... eating grass and sniffing around. Why don't the dogs in Tehachapi, California come to the dog park? I am missing my friends from the dog park in Santa Fe. Snif..... snif.

And then it was back on the road. As we went through the mountain pass I saw some of the beauty of California... green rolling hills. But all too soon we were down into the valley... the Central Valley of California, where all that food is grown. It was kind of overcast, or was it smoggy. The roads were in poor condition so I laid down and snoozed. Yes, some of the orchards were in bloom but I was feeling down. The ride was not too different from yesterday and it was just too much for this hound dog to remain positive about.

About mid-day, I had had enough of the trucks (no mas camiones... no mas!), and the bumpy roads. But we decided to stop and try an In and Out Burger. I got a few tastes and that bouyed my spirits a bit. By afternoon, it was back to the same.. trucks, traffic and poor roads. I don't want to live in California!

There was a place where you could stop and go wine tasting and nut tasting. Pistachios were their specialty. But we didn't stop. Grrrr. We did stop at a couple of Rest Stops but I wasn't sure what I should do there. We walked around, but that's about it.

Here I am in the motel on my own bed with my fav toy.
I was getting pretty depressed when we pulled into the next La Quinta. We were in Stockton, California (the town that is going bankrupt) and the area where the motel was turned out to be rather nice. There was a rose garden, grass and pine cones. We got a room on the first floor with no hallway. Best of all, she brought in one of my "long lost" toys for me to play with. That helped my spirits. After writing this, I'm going to lay on my bed and play with my squeaky toy. Life is only OK. I will be glad when this is over. If I could, I'd go back home to Santa Fe. Enough of this "adventure!"