Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hound Dog Traveler: Leaving for the land of fleas and ticks

Guest Writer: Cinnamon

By Guest Writer: Cinnamon (Canela) Rose

She doesn't think I know. We're leaving. I grew up in New Mexico and am used to running through the dusty desert, having fun on The Plaza in Santa Fe and, in the summer, wading in Tesuque Creek to cool off.  I'm a bi-lingual perro. So why would we leave? Porque? And where are we headed? Donde? I know we're leaving. She's packing my toys and food.

I'm sticking close to her these days just in case. She adopted me from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter just over a year ago. I want to make sure I'm on board when she leaves and not left behind.

She has a special plastic bin for my treats and medications. She doesn't think I noticed it when she dripped that stinky flea and tick medication on the skin on my back. We must be headed for a land full of insects. I don't like the idea of getting bitten by insects. We are flea and tick free here in the mountains of New Mexico.

And today, I suffered through yet another bath. Doesn't this new place have tubs? Is this my last bath before I head for the land of fleas and ticks?

I'm feeling a bit sad these days. I'll miss my friends from the dog park and my bestest dog and people friends from the neighborhood. I won't miss that yappy little dog across the street and I won't miss those stinky cats that roam the neighborhood at night like they own it.

It's been a good life here. How could it be any better?

I'll be writing more when I know more.

Later, Cinnamon