Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hound Dog Traveler: A turn of events

By Guest Writer: Cinnamon (Canela) Rose

I thought we were leaving but maybe I am wrong. I am now headed for the Canine Social Club which is the place I go when she is out of town.

Maybe this is just another press trip of hers. Maybe she'll pick me up and we'll go back home and resume our normal lives. 

She packed my food, instructions and a check and dropped me off at this huge place I call, secretly, "The Doggie Play House." I exhaust myself playing with the other social dogs, stay up all night and try to eat the other dogs' food. It's a really fun place. But I am always happy to go home to my own bed and sleep off the "partying" for about two days.  And, she pays the people for this! Heck, they should pay ME for playing with all those dogs who are boarded there!
Entrance to the Canine Social Club in Santa Fe, NM

So now my mind is off moving. Lord knows what she's doing, but I'm having the time of my life being a hound!