Friday, March 22, 2013

Hound Dog Traveler: Welcome from La Quinta

By Guest Writer Cinnamon (Canela) Rose

Well, I'm almost exhausted and it's only been one day at The Canine Social Club. It may be that I am getting too old to play with these young pups or it may be that I now know, for sure, that we are moving.

You see, I got an e-mail on my cell phone this morning. (Yes, I have a cell phone for emergencies - like when my owner isn't home at 4pm sharp to feed me). There was a bright yellow and orange e-mail from La Quinta Inns welcoming ME to their Flagstaff, AZ inn. It was a great e-mail giving me directions and everything. Flagstaff, eh?

Maybe we'll go play in the snow there or go shopping at Babbit's Backcountry for some hiking gear.

We're testing out La Quinta Inns because I hear they accept dogs like me and don't even charge my owner. I also heard they accept cats. Grrrr.

I do know that she's picking me up bright and early tomorrow morning. It should be a nice trip to Flagstaff. Boy, I hope I get to sit in the front seat!