Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cell Phone in Restroom Rant

Don't ever call me when you are on the pot!
A friend of mine was really upset when she visited a public restroom and had to stand in line to wash her hands. No, that wasn't the issue. It was that a woman, who had been texting in the stall, had to finish her text while standing in front of the sink. Eventually she did wash her hands.

So that reminded me. I've been raving a lot lately about great travel destinations, events and finds. But what about the "rant" in Travel Writer Rants and Raves? Well my friend's experience reminded me of a big pet peeve I have. And it is at the top of my mind now as I prepare to travel by plane in a few weeks.

So... have you ever been in a public restroom, especially in airports, and heard, from the next stall, a loud and animated cell phone conversation? Well, I have and it goes like this. "Hi Mary. I just got off the plane (tinkle, tinkle). Yeah, I need for you to come pick me up when I get my luggage (poop, gas, plop). The trip was great. I got sunburned... yeah! (roll paper, wipe, wipe, roll paper) Wait till I tell you about the big Margarita incident!" (FLUSH!).  (Door Clicks Open).

So don't you think Mary heard that? How rude! It was rude enough for me to listen to it all but I expect some of that in public restrooms.

So, dear friends and colleagues. Please, don't ever call me when you are on the pot. Because I can hear it all and I think it is muy rudo.

Rant over!