Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Noteworthy Restrooms: A restroom with Bollywood movies!

I am intrigued by the decor in restrooms that I encounter on my travels. I suppose it comes from years of travels on highways and having nothing more to look at than the rusty stains in the bottom of gas station sinks.

But lately I have been amazed, intrigued and surprised by what I have encountered in restaurants and hotels.

On a recent trip to North Portland, I dined at Bollywood Theater on Alberta Street. The restaurant featured excellent East Indian street food, had an eclectic Indian street vibe but my favorite was the bathroom.

The "Best Exotic Marigold Bathroom"
Inside this apple green wonder, were surprises such as Indian street signs, marigolds strung over the mirror, framed photos of Indian street scenes and....believe it or not... an actual Bollywood movie playing on a wall monitor. I loved it!

This has got me on a roll... so expect to see more interesting restrooms that I encounter on my travels.

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