Thursday, January 9, 2014

Noteworthy Restrooms: Floral delight on a Guatemalan Macadamia Plantation

Visit Valhalla, just outside Antigua
Just outside Antigua, Guatemala is a special Macadamia nut plantation called Valhalla owned by Lawrence (now Lorenzo) Gottschamer, an American, and his wife Emilia Aguirre. They consider themselves environmentalists and their plantation an experimental station. Their Valhalla project introduces ungrafted Macadamia seedlings to indigenous people as an alternative to slash and burn agriculture, which contributes to global warming.

But that is the serious side of things. Lawrence and Emilia make Macadamia oil products, host tourists so they can learn about the process and even provide Macadamia nut massages to demonstrate the healing power of their oils.

When there touring with a group, we were treated to Lorenzo's humor, and a sample of the oil. Of course the hospitality didn't stop there, as we wandered the orchard trails we were introduced to an indoor/outdoor restroom. 
Fresh flowers and beautiful plants
surround this indoor/outdoor women's room

It was in a thatched enclosure. In the middle of nowhere, there was a porcelain toilet surrounded by plants and flowers. I don't think there was one person who didn't succumb to taking a photo.

You can tour Valhalla and sample macadamia nuts, chocolates and their macadamia skin care products.  And, be sure and ask about their legendary Macadamia pancakes! Find out all about the history of macadamia trees and how they are cultivated and processed. 

The Plantation is accessible by bus and by car. More on visiting.

And, don't forget to ask where the women's room is!


Km 52.5 a San Miguel Duenas
P.O. Box 268
Antigua, Sacatepequez

Phone: +502.7831.5799
Farm: +502.5889.4925
Dial 011 before the number when calling from the USA

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