Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Noteworthy Restrooms: A Deep in Thought Place in the Woods

You never know what you will encounter on a day trip in Canada's remote Haida Gwaii. While vacationing in Sandspit on Moresby Island, we enjoyed rocky beaches, tide pools and daily sightings of eagles nesting, flying or feeding.

But there was more to see. Within less than an hour’s drive you can adventure through beautiful green forest via a logging road, explore rocky bays and then come to a lovely sandy beach.

This is Gray Bay, a place where you can swim, picnic and camp. It’s a remote park, an area preserved due to its natural beauty.

There is a 40 kilometer loop that will include this area but I found the trip to Gray Bay to be a short little trip for a picnic and walk on the beach if you just take the logging roads in this area.

Along the way, you’ll see interesting fisherman’s cabins and remote homes of some Haida, especially along the rivers and inlets.

It was in this area that I spied an outhouse showing that the home-owner had a sense of humor.

It was across the road from a ramshackle fisherman's cabin that had a huge note painted on the door - "Please Use Front Door."

You can only imagine what sort of person was out there in the woods running rampant with their sense of humor... and thoughts!