Sunday, July 27, 2014

Adrift Hotel and Spa: Long Beach Peninsula, Washington - Review

Adrift Hotel as seen from the beach.
It's not easy to review a hotel as unique as Long Beach's Adrift. It's really in a category of its own. But let me try.

I had the good fortune of a two night stay, with my dog, right on the beach in a place that was as dog-friendly as they come. Adrift, you see, was purchased by a local couple and renovated. The property is eco-friendly and they've used re-purposed materials as much as possible. And, in their wisdom, they made the rooms family and dog-friendly. They are easily cleaned by the staff and there isn't much that can be harmed by an exuberant child or hairy dog.
Cinnamon checks out the dog-friendly room.

There don't seem to be many rules. There are no extra charges for dogs, no weight limits and, given the fact that three beautiful Golden Retrievers were staying in a room on my floor, there doesn't appear to be a numerical limit. There are plenty of places to walk a dog and the hotel is right on the beach. 

There are no rules to tell you not to leave your dog in the room. While this is very convenient if you want to go out to, say, the hotel's Pickled Fish Bar and Restaurant, it might be an issue for your neighbors if the dog barks.

The walls are not all that sound absorbing. In fact, the hotel provides you with earplugs on the bedside "crate." Crate? Oh yes, let me tell you about the decor. That's hard to explain or review as well. I found the room to be clean and the crisp triple-sheeting was appreciated. But the decor harkens back to dorm days, with re-purposed wood and crates, buckets and industrial lights, and easily cleaned laminate floor. 

Pickled Fish is very popular with visitors and locals alike.
It was kinda cute and it looks like the owners had fun decorating the rooms and painting fanciful murals on the walls. My dog loved the polka dotted throw rug.

I describe the rooms as simple, beachy and creative. You'll be playing on the beach most of the time, anyway. So is decor all that important?

It's important to know that Adrift rooms are not air-conditioned but that is not usually an issue at the beach if you are ok sleeping with your windows open. And, you won't find tons of amenities in the rooms. Just ask at the desk if you want a coffee maker or something extra. They have games and loaner bikes, too.

Parking is great (free). Don't be surprised if your room overlooks the parking lot with the beach just beyond.

The decor, although of the same style, was stepped up a notch in the Pickled Fish restaurant. This was a fun place with an experienced bartender, a view to die for and pretty good food. Most nights there is live music. I'd sure recommend checking it out on your next visit to the Long Beach Peninsula.
Live music most nights

Oh yes, the Spa. I didn't try out any spa services but there was an on-site, by appointment, spa professional available. 

So would I recommend Adrift? My dog, Cinnamon, certainly does! I recommend that you read the TripAdvisor reviews and look at all the visitor photos. You can make your own decision and you'll be fully informed. After all, Adrift Hotel and Spa is unique. You can't really compare it with other beach hotels and motels or do a standard hotel review. But I had fun trying!

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Address: 409 Sid Snyder Dr., Long Beach, WA 98631
Phone: 360.642.2311
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Note: As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with a complimentary accommodations  for the purpose of review. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.