Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bathtub to Huge Shower Remodeling Trend: What do hotels think they are doing?

There is a trend in hotel bathroom remodels. They eliminate the bathtub (often a bath-shower combo) and put in a tiled large shower instead. This, they believe, makes the whole en-suite bathroom much more desirable.

Budget, as early as 2011, noted this trend. They pointed out that Holiday Inn has gone from 95 percent of its newly built hotels having a bathtub 10 years ago to only 55 percent of new hotels featuring them now. Marriott, they said, plans for 75 percent of the chain's rooms having a shower only.

And these larger walk in tiled showers are supposed to be the "in thing." If you want a luxury room, you can expect a large shower. Don't look for a bathtub. It won't be there.

So what are we bath lovers to do? What are families with little children to do. After all, bath time with a rubber ducky is a family tradition, no?

Don't travelers enjoy luxuriating in a warm bath after a hard day on the road any more? I, for one, consider a bathtub a necessity. I'm disappointed when a hotel cannot accommodate my request for a tub (if I remember to inquire.)

If you want to please me, have a clean bathtub available and a fluffy bathrobe in the closet to use when I emerge, relaxed, from my bath.

What do you think? Shower, bath or both?

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