Saturday, February 7, 2015

Corazonas Bars: Great nutrition for the traveler and good for your heart too!

When you travel, meals are often neglected. You may eat at unusual times and you might not find what is most healthy for you.
This is one of my favorites. The other is chocolate chip!

I have found a nutrition bar that is good for you, tastes wonderful and is heart-healthy. It is not often you’ll find that combination. Bars that are good for you may be dry and crumbly. I’d like to recommend Corazonas, because they taste fantastic and help to lower my cholesterol. Corazonas snacks are infused with plant sterols, which are proven in more than 140 clinical studies to help fight heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol according to the Corazonas website.

Right now I am enjoying a variety of the oatmeal squares. I keep one in my purse to stave off the munchies and, when I am in a hurry, have one for breakfast…. Without guilt.

When you are out and about sightseeing or just out walking, consider Corazonas for good, convenient nutrition. And enjoy!

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