Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Bachelor Cast Tells All About Santa Fe New Mexico

Well, I guess they are trying to redeem last Monday's insensitive and inaccurate portrayal of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yes, New Mexico is a state!

Appearing now on ABC's The Bachelor site is a video showing scenes from Santa Fe and surroundings and commentary by the cast including as many mentions of Santa Fe as they could get in! You have to give them credit. The scenes, although more of the surrounding area than within "the City Different," are enticing.

At least Chris mentions ART and Chile Ristras are shown at the Farmer's Market. The poor women, think they have arrived in Santa Fe as they are driven up to the Buffalo Thunder Resort. I hope they got to shop some of the marvelous boutiques of Santa Fe and explore Canyon Road during their stay.

The footage was filmed last October and you'll get a glimpse of the golden aspen in the hills.

We'll see more this upcoming Monday as the Rose Ceremony takes place at La Fonda.

Viva Santa Fe!