Sunday, June 28, 2015

Recovering from Cataract Surgery: Beyond Expectations

So it's been close to a month since I had my surgery. I curtailed my activities the first week and babied my "new eye." I used drops as prescribed the entire month. But what I found out, surprised me.

The first evening, after returning home from surgery, I could see! My left eye saw things at a distance clearly. That was the first time I had clear vision for years. No matter it was only in one eye. That night I found out what High Definition TV actually looks like.... crisp and clear. Such modern marvels!

I couldn't wear my glasses as the prescription clouded my clear vision in the one eye. So I abandoned them. The next day I accepted a ride to my post-op appointment and was told I was doing just great. But I'd better not even think of mowing the lawn until the end of the week (that was Tuesday and I mowed on Friday... carefully, with safety glasses).

After returning from the post-op appointment, I decided to head to the drug store and try on readers. Low and behold, the lowest prescription helped me with reading and computer work. And, I purchased some inexpensive sun glasses.... with no prescription.

I spent the month driving only locally. I really only had one good eye. I felt eye strain due to the bad eye coordinating with the new good eye. I also rested more than usual. I think the eye strain had something to do with it.

I gave up hiking and had a bit of trouble navigating curbs due to wonky depth perception. I struggled with gardening and reading. Things were just too fuzzy.

I had one more post-op appointment... about a week later. And this turned out to be my pre-op appointment for my right eye as well. All was going as expected.

Drops to reduce any swelling were instilled first four times a day, then three and finally once.

My successful recovery from surgery on eye #1 is making me look forward to tomorrow's surgery on eye #2. I don't like any medical procedure but this one... is one that improves my life. It's totally worth it!

My expectation now is that in a month or so, I'll be fitted with permanent glasses and I'll have my sight back better than ever. I now have a renewed motivation to travel and write. After all, I'll have two good eyes to see the sights with.