Saturday, July 4, 2015

Double Cataract Surgery? The Procedure on the Second Eye Might be Different

I fully anticipated ending this discussion of my cataract surgery after recovering from having my left eye done. All went well. Why would I want to write about the second surgery. Wouldn't it go just the same?

Not necessarily. I felt very little during my first eye surgery. Preparation was the same for the second surgery. But after the incision was made and work began on the cataract, I could feel "something." I told the surgeon and she said she would explain things to me the next day at my post-op appointment.

Fortunately the recovery was just as quick and painless as with my first eye. At the appointment, the surgeon explained that my body was primed to react to eye surgery and therefore more sensation during the second cataract surgery (remember this is in the other eye) is not unusual. I've tried to find an article on the Internet about this but have come up with nothing.

Any one else have a similar experience or can point me to resources?

Meanwhile I am no longer a hazard on the road, can write more travel articles and look forward to being fitted with glasses giving me better mid-range and close-up eyesight.