Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Don't Miss Dine the Couve: 3 Courses for $23 in Vancouver, WA

It's Dine the Couve Month all of October. And we've been out sampling the culinary goodness of Vancouver (The Couve) Washington.

This is the first time Vancouver restaurants and drink purveyors have collaborated on an event like Dine the Couve. And it's about time. “Vancouver’s restaurant and brewery scene continues to grow at a rapid pace,” said Kim Bennett, the CEO of Visit Vancouver USA. “Dine the Couve is a celebration of what makes our local culinary and brew scene stand out — quality, affordability and a collaborative spirit.”

So what's it like out there? First, Diner Nancy went to Niche Wine Bar and Bistro. Now, Nancy frequents Niche and often orders their special tarts. But during the month of October, Niche is offering something new. So she ordered it.

Diner Nancy reported back that she loved the pot pie and hopes that it will become a regular menu item at Niche. She highly recommends the special Dine the Couve menu.

Green Salad with Fresh Tomatoes

Chicken Pot Pie

And then, it was time for our Dining Foursome to go to La Bottega. It had been awhile. Dine the Couve Month gave us all a great excuse to get together to break bread, without breaking our budgets!

Couve Foodies Unite!

La Bottega offered two choices of salad, three choices of pasta
and topped it off with a light and fluffy Tiramisu dessert.
After just two foodie experiences we all agreed that we needed to continue meeting that way. So we have scheduled weekly Dine the Couve experiences through the end of October.

Tips for Dine the Couve:
 - Some restaurants take reservations and some do not. Make a reservation if they do.
 - You may need to request the special Dine the Couve Menu
 - Spread the word via social media. Post your photos and tweet your delight. Use #dinethecouve

Ready, set... get out there and dine! Here is the list of participating restaurants and brewpubs.