Monday, July 5, 2010

Touring the White Mountains - And Still Writing

My three day sojourn to cooler temperatures is coming to a close. For tomorrow I must return to the Valley of the Sun, take care of my home and then help a good friend who is having knee surgery.
But for tonight, I am enjoying the Payson Hotel - Best Western Payson Inn, all the doggies who are romping on the lawn with their owners, and my little patio. What I like about the Payson Inn is that there is a grassy courtyard with mature trees.
Today I visited Ft. Apache on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. I have never been to the Apache Reservation and enjoyed driving through their beautiful land. Unfortunately the museum and cultural center was closed today but I hiked the bluffs overlooking the White River and read the historical plaques as I walked through Ft. Apache's Officer's Row. Here's an Anglo view of Ft. Apache.