Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to the Airport for More Fun and Games - What Will JAX have in Store for Me?

I've had a wonderful time visiting my family in Jacksonville, FL. While I love being with them, the getting to and from is not much fun.

On the flight out, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I went to the airport (PHX) very early and encountered no problems at all. In fact, the TSA didn't even have a dreaded body scanner!

So now it's time to leave, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and I am headed for JAX. I've been careful to pack lotions and cosmetics into my checked luggage and have reduced my jewelry to two cherished Cody Hunter storyteller pieces in hopes of getting through the TSA process quickly.

But wait! I'll be at the airport, and in the air all day. I couldn't resist making sandwiches out of the last turkey leftovers. Will they be confiscated? They aren't liquid. But what about that red gelatinous substance? Will that be an issue? I'll report back on the cranberry sauce on my sandwiches later.

Meanwhile, it's off to the airport for fun and games!