Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall in Haida Gwaii, Canada

It's an interesting time on Moresby Island. It's only mid-September. Yet, inns and fishing services are closing. Is it a secret to the world that it is warm here, people are wearing shorts and there are still Coho and Spring Salmon to be caught?

In the woods the mushroom hunters eagerly seek those yellow gold Chanterelles. Pounds of them are sold to the mushroom buyers destined for fine restaurants near and far. Those of us who are lucky enough to be here in this transitional season have them with our dinner.

The Eagles have headed away from the rocky beaches and gather at rivers where fish are going upstream to spawn. It is an eagle free-for-all after a heavy rain as the fish begin their arduous journey. In between rains you can see schools of Pink Salmon circling in the bays and under docks awaiting the start of their journey.

The BC Ferry schedules for travelers to and from the mainland are reduced. Once school is in session, there are fewer families on holiday to be transported.

Meanwhile for those fortunate enough to be in Haida Gwaii during this beautiful time will be surprised by the green gardens, abundant vegetables and great bird watching. By day you can bike the flat roads, go kayaking or enjoy a hike.  By evening you can relish and photograph the beautiful sunsets.

For those coming to Sandspit, you can easily find a room at this time of year. If you enjoy peace and quiet broken only by the lapping of the incoming tide, this will make for an ideal vacation.

Haida Gwaii Visitors Information