Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vancouver's Officer's Row: The Grant House

The beautiful Grant House is now a restaurant.
Officer's Row is a must-see when you come to Vancouver, Washington. Among the stately, restored 100 year old buildings is the beautiful Grant House. The Grant House was once an officer's residence and, later, the Officer's Club. Ulysses S. Grant never actually lived at the house, but was assigned to Vancouver Barracks as a Captain.

The beautiful building now houses the Grant House Restaurant and, upstairs, the Ulysses Club. The new Ulysses Club has meeting rooms available for rent. The restaurant on the main level has a veranda, inside rooms, atrium and back patio for dining and happy hour relaxing. The food there is excellent, with many of the ingredients locally sourced.

If you want to know more about the Grant House and Officer's Row, check out the Clark County Historical Museum Walking Tours.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography