Sunday, December 16, 2018

Travel Writer Grows Instagram Followers Legally and Ethically - Quickly!

I’m excited! I recently reached 10,000 followers on Instagram. In fact, I was on a press trip at the Grand Canyon staring in awe as the clouds parted and we could see the stunning rock formations below when I hit the magic number.

So how did this happen? I started slowly, building a following of friends, colleagues, and family to about 1,500. It took me awhile. But when I found out from destination management and PR professionals that they looked at social media numbers before inviting a writer on a press trip, I wanted to know more. What I found out was that 10,000 followers was a magic number and 15,000 was even better. But how to get there with my "friends and family" approach?

I had heard about people who built a following by “buying followers, “ and I knew that was not for me—ethically or financially. I followed everyone who had similar interests (travel, the southwest, coonhounds and foodie finds) but my numbers grew oh so slowly.

Then a colleague whom I respect told me how she reached her magic number. And, it wasn’t by buying followers. She paid monthly for a service that carefully chose similar people to follow on your behalf and kept everything in line with Instagram rules. The company also could handle Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, but I was really into growing my Instagram numbers. I checked things out and found that they had a free trial offer and that the monthly rates were very reasonable for all the work they did on your behalf.
I'm now up to 10.3k followers!
They provided reports and told me exactly what they were doing. Quickly I saw my numbers grow. I’d wake up in the morning with 50 more followers and did nothing myself except post pictures of my travels, my dogs, and restaurants I was reviewing. And, the followers actually made comments on my photos and posted interesting things themselves. I enjoyed following my followers to expand my travel horizons. 

So, since the company has a nice affiliate program and I’m totally thrilled with their offerings, I’m taking a big step and recommending them to those who wish to grow their social media numbers. The company is Social Media Pro and the person who manages my account is Sean Boyle.

I would urge you to sign up, work with them to get the system going for you and you’ll see what I mean. They are very professional.

If you follow me on Instagram (@southwestliz), please be sure and alert me so I can follow you back.

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